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In my pursuit of knowing more about God, I have signed up to receive daily Mitzvah (Hebrew word mitzvah refers to precepts and commandments commanded by God) from a Jewish website. This does not mean I don’t believe in Jesus, I do, but that I thirst for more of God. So I dig deeper, search longer, and talk with him all day long. This has led me to this website, and as I read today’s Mitzvah given to the Israelites thousands of years ago, it spoke volumes to me today.

Negative Commandment 269
Disregarding a Lost Item
“You shall not ignore [it]”—Deuteronomy 22:3.
It is forbidden to disregard a lost item. Rather, upon encountering a lost item one must take it and endeavor to return it to its owner.

Now let me interpret what God said to me as I read it.
“you shall not ignore the broken and lost”
It is forbidden to disregard a lost person. Rather, upon encountering a lost one, you must take it and endeavor to return it to its owner (Jesus).

Positive Commandment 204
Returning a Lost Article
“You shall surely bring it back to him”—Exodus 23:4.
When coming across a lost item, we are required to take it and return it to its owner.

Interpretation to me from God
“you shall surely bring him/her back to Him (Jesus)”
When you come across a lost soul, we are required to take them back to their creator for restoration.

It is our duty and responsibility as Christians to lead others to Christ. I hope you get the same thing out of these commandments as I did.

May the peace of God rest upon you and your household.



Genesis Chapter 39 Joseph & Potiphar’s Wife

  • When you look at Jacob/Israel’s sons you wonder how in the world did Jesus come from this motley group? Keep in mind that when Rachel died, Jacob moved out of the compound, denying the group his priestly influence and leadership. This was equal to what divorce does to a family today.

Vs 1-6 Joseph was taken to Egypt and sold to a high ranking official. God can bless you right where you’re at! At the suggestion of Judah, Joseph was sold to a caravan heading to Egypt, and to all intents and purposes the brothers didn’t care what happened to him. But God had a plan that would bring Joseph before the Pharaoh. Vs 2 starts “The Lord was with Joseph…” Several things are happening here.

1. In Joseph’s story, one of the first things we learn is that Joseph was Jacobs favorite. It stands to reason that they would have spent a lot of time together and that he was probably taught the ways of the LORD that his other brothers weren’t.
2. Because of Joseph’s faith, he acted righteously and trusted in God, and it showed [people took notice]. This is how we are to behave ALL THE TIME! By doing so, we glorify God.

Vs 2 goes on to say “…and he prospered…” When you continually do the ‘right thing’ people will notice and God will reward you.

Vs 6-9 New level – New Devil! Do you know that when God blesses you, the devil tries to steal it? When confronted with doing the ‘right thing’ AND you don’t – It is a sin (disobedience)!


Vs 10-12 Joseph gives us 2 examples of what to do when tempted to sin.
1. Avoid the person, location, and/or situation!
2. RUN!!!!

Vs 13-23 The enemy won’t stop at tempting you once. He’ll come at you over & over again. You must turn to Jesus for help! Some battles are not ours to fight and those that are we must use the sward of the Spirit [God’s Word].

What was Potiphar’s wife going to do with Joseph’s cloak?
1. Joseph ran from her so she could have done the right thing by apologizing and returned it

Take Responsibility

2. She couldn’t leave it in her room or laying around the house (going to the servant’s quarters was out of the question), this would have raised questions and revealed her guilt.

She lied to cover her sin!

Like Adam & Eve, she knew she had done wrong (guilt), but she had no one but herself to point the finger at!

Because Joseph did what was right, the LORD never left him! Joseph’s faithfulness in trusting God (not complaining BTW: complaining is a sin see Numbers 21:5-7) and always doing the right thing, God lifted him up and the warden showed him kindness and favor!

Chapter 39 held a magnitude of lessons that we need to apply to our lives today. Looking forward to next week’s class and what God has to reveal to us!