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Group of children running together

Ordinary Day

As I took myself to bed, I began to thank God for the day He had given me, and I began to recount everything that went on. It was an awesome day! There was nothing spectacular that took place or anything out of the ordinary to make it stand out more than any other day, but somehow it was just what I needed.

I had informed the pastor of my now, old church that I was leaving the night before so I began my day by clearing my ‘plate’ of everything that had to do with that ministry. When I got to facebook, there was Pastor Z ranting on about helping the community around the church. First you have to understand that this ministry takes the great commission seriously. This is what drew me to this church to start with. Second, Pastor Z has a very magnetic energy that jumps around like the old jumping beans you use to get at the register of the 5 and dime. At first my ego responded as it always does and I started to become envious and was saddened by my decision to leave the church. Thank God He (Holy Spirit) immediately stepped in and reminded me of why I left to begin with and that it was my ego reacting, not Wisdom [see proverbs 8 & 9]. If you’ve ever signed up for something at the church or volunteered in an area just to be seen with the right people or receive recognition from the church leaders, you know what I’m talking about. That’s insecurity, and sadly many in the church suffer this illness, but I have good news! Spiritual maturity overcomes this illness.

A short time later I was mopping the floor when Wisdom spoke again. The great commission is being the hands and feet of Jesus and it starts with everyone right outside their own door. It’s offering your arm to an elderly woman being dropped off at the door of the grocery store while her husband parks the car. It’s helping a 6-year-old girl go to the bathroom inside Walmart because she was spending the day with her dad. It’s cutting your neighbors grass because they are unable to and are on a fixed income. It’s buying a meal for a homeless person that begging for change at the corner. All of these, and many other opportunities, open the door to speak about Jesus.

Let the lime light seekers talk and make plans for they are like the Pharisee’s doing their good works in public and that is all the rewards they will receive. As for me, I will continue to do mine in secret for there the Father see’s and will reward me.

Just so there’s no confusion, reaching out or outreaches to help people that have just experienced a catastrophe such as the recent floods in Baton Rouge is encouraged, and a well-organized outreach in your community is not a bad thing either. Set goals of what you can accomplish and be prepared to follow through.


Humble Pie

Yesterday I wrote a blog about humility, when in fact I was the one needing a good dose of it. Being humble does mean putting another’s need before your want, not thinking you are more important than your fellow, coming into submission to those placed in authority over you, and respecting others. I had become arrogant and judge mental over people who I believed were martyring themselves with their belief of humility. These are people that I saw were serving God, but were going without and in need and I was being told that they were being humble. The God I know is a good good Father, and He does not want His children to be in want. Jesus even tells us that God will provide all our needs [Matthew 6:31-32, Luke 12:24], and Abraham called Him a God that provides [Genesis 22:14, Jehovah Jireh]. In my own life, I have been the recipient of Gods favor and blessings time and again so this idea that they are being humble was hard for me to wrap my head around.

Do I believe God wants us to be in need? NO! Do I believe God will provide? Absolutely! What I don’t know is what God has spoken to these people or what lessons or plans God may have for them. What I did was judge them, and that is WRONG [Matthew 7:1], and in my judge mental state I allowed the enemy an opening and became angry and arrogant – that is WRONG! Are these people being humble or foolish? I don’t know. I wasn’t there when God spoke to them. I wasn’t privy to their private conversations with God, because what God has told them is strictly between God and them. Does this give an open door to ignoring someone’s need? NO! What I should have done was pray about it and ask God if He wants to use me to bless them. Too many times we want to be in control and when we’re not and things don’t work out the way we think they should, we become judge mental.

The bible tells us not to ‘reason’ as the world reasons [Proverbs 3:5-6] for His ways are higher than ours [Isaiah 55:9]. God see’s the big picture, we only see our small little piece of the puzzle. Like Job’s friends when they were trying to comfort him, I was actually condemning them.

Let me relate a story that may bring this in perspective.
In a previous blog (For When I Am Weak…) I told of how when my husband (and earthly provider) passed away God did not want me to go to work. During this time (almost 2 years) I heard the remarks by fellow Christians say why didn’t I get a job? Or one person say doesn’t the bible say we should work? It’s not that these people were wrong. . .. it was wrong for me. They didn’t know what God had spoken to me or the plans He has for me.

Now I have to eat humble pie… Take a page from my life and don’t be quick to judge. Stop and ask God What He wants (His will) in any given situation.