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A Follower’s Prayer

God, I want to be a follower of Your Son, Jesus. I am learning that following Jesus just means growing closer to Him and becoming more like Him. The problem with following Jesus is that I know me, and I am not like Him. His character, love, and rightness don’t match the real me. I need Your help to follow. I can’t do it on my own. I ask for Your grace and strength to give me everything I need to be more like Jesus. On this journey of understanding what following Jesus means, open my eyes to see that following is more about who You are than who I am. I want to know You. Just as You know me — better even than I know myself! — I want to really know You.

Today I am surrendering my willpower to be a better me and instead allowing You to be at work in me, making me more like You. Thank You for helping me follow You. Thank You for leading me to this book where my desire to follow You more closely is fed. I can’t be a follower without Your Holy Spirit showing me how to do it. My longing to be a follower of Jesus is as real as my weakness. So I give You my heart, mind, and body in order to follow. Thank You that You not only lead me but also show me how to follow. I am ready. Lead on. Amen.